WOOL-TYME Kingston's "Never Ending Knitting Class" for all skill levels.

Are you a complete newby to the world of knitting or just looking for some guidance into the next level of your knitting journey? Or are you somewhere in between?
The on-going Never Ending Knitting Classes at WOOL-TYME Kingston are designed to meet all your needs.

You can choose to drop in to any single class for just $15 for a 2 hour session, or you can join with a $45 membership which gives you access to our professional knitting support for a full 6 months.

These classes take place on Tuesdays from 1-3pm and on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30. All are welcome. At any given class, we may have a complete beginner, someone who has been knitting for about a month (but looks like a pro to the beginner), someone who is learning the finer points of finishing and sewing their sweater together, someone who is learning how to lay out a complicated cable pattern, a new crocheter learning to work an edge around afghan squares, and former participants who just enjoy sitting around and knitting with nice people.

The point is that for $45, you are free to join in the fun for a full 6 months.

Some classes have 2 people, sometimes 6 or 7 will show up. All are eager yet patient and willing to learn. As a teacher, it really doesn't get any better than this. I have the opportunity to introduce newcomers to the fun of knitting, and sometimes I get to challenge myself by learning new skills that I can then pass on to my students. Sometimes we have to go a bit beyond the 2 hours so that everyone leaves with a sense of satisfaction and with enough knowledge to get them through the next stage of their project. No one worries -- we're all here to learn and to enjoy the experience (as much as one can enjoy ripping back an entire sleeve that has been improperly shaped.)

So please feel free to join us, either as a class participant or just to sit and knit and chat. If the store is open, the class is on.