I believe that I'm actually creating a blog.

Dear friends and customers;

Yesterday I set up a template for the new look of the store's e-newsletter, and buoyed by the success of that venture, (and having read in someone else's newsletter how easy it is to set up a blog) I've jumped in with both feet.

There has been such tremendous feedback from our e-newsletter recipients, and when people so kindly tell me how much they like it, I frequently mention that the newsletter is like my monthly blog. Unfortunately, in the interest of saving space, I've had to pare down what I write in the newsletter and the "Notes From The Counter" segment, where I would share my own observations of the knitting world, was one of the things that got left by the wayside. Well, now I have a legitimate blog where I can babble on and not worry about the cost of printing or the bytes involved.

Often people ask me about things that I wrote about a few months back in the newsletter, and this black hole that I refer to as my brain is vacant of any recollections. By making the newsletters available through the blog, I'm hoping that we can all access tips, tricks, and new bits of information that are in each of the monthly e-newsletters.

I've also long wanted a forum where staff and customers can share what they are doing in their crafting lives, give their own suggestions and observations about the knitting world and the world of WOOL-TYME Kingston in particular.

For you blog-aholics, I don't imagine that this will be a daily posting venue but I do commit to a weekly update and I promise that I'll soon get to learn how to use our digital camera so that we can have some fun with pictures too. We have such a wonderful wealth of humanity that comes through the doors of the WOOL-TYME Kingston store each day, that it's a shame that you all can't come and spend more time with us to get to know the wonderful people (YOU) that we are priveleged to meet each day.