How to find the NEW KnitTraders Blog.

We have begun a completely new blog for KnitTraders of Kingston and will be posting class information and updates about our Knitting Tours as well as other bits and pieces that are of interest to our customers.
Please find the new location at knittraders.blogspot.com


New Name - Kingston's same great knitting (and more) store

First of all, for all of you good Catholics out there, you will recognize the slightly amended  formula: "Bless me readers, for I have sinned by slacking off. It has been 4 months since my last Post."

But I really can't claim that it has been slacking off at all. I've just been busy with the most exciting thing to happen to our store since opening day: September 12th, 1996. As of April 1st, 2012 (and no, it is not an April Fools joke) WOOL-TYME Kingston will become :
It's a simple story that, like so many other aspects of our life, can owe its origins to the internet. The fact is that for the past 15-1/2 years we have had, and continue to enjoy a wonderfully close and friendly relationship with our sister store: WOOL-TYME in Nepean, just outside of Ottawa. But as our Kingston store's internet presence began to grow we were having more and more confusion about the WOOL-TYME website, which is solely owned and operated by the Nepean store.

It was embarassing to us and confusing to many customers, especially out of town shoppers, explaining how 2 such stores could exist in relative proximity to each other with the same name yet not carrying the same products nor offering necessarily the same services to their customers. So between us: Theresa de Vries - the original franchisor, and I- Anne from the Kingston store, we decided that the time had come to make things clearer for everyone by having us adopt a new name.

And might I add that I love the new name, the logo and the icon which can be seen on our Ravelry pages. I can credit Alana - my long suffering and wonderful manager, for coming up with the name, and our friends at DigiGraphics in Kingston for the fine-tuning of the logo.

But the down side is that with all of the extra tasks that we want to accomplish to spruce up the store with the new branding, I am sadly going to have to put the blog to bed. We will however have a blog type feel to the new website, and you can continue to follow what is going on at the store by signing up for our e-newsletter.

So, don't forget us at KnitTraders: New name, same great store. And be sure to visit us often at the new website where you can follow the birth of a fun new on-line home for Kingston Largest Knit and Crochet Centre.  www.knittraders.com