The Coffee Table Book tradition

I've been thinking a lot about creativity lately.
One of the things that the creative mind needs is a chance to be quiet and simply observe new things, relationships, colours, ...the stuff of everyday life but seen with a fresh set of eyes.
A few weeks ago I came across this lovely book of sheep "portraits" and thought of what an interesting project it would have been for the photographer to collect these portraits and how wonderful that she found a publisher that saw the value in it.

Anyway, this is the first book to become part of our new "Coffee Table Book" collection. I don't know about you but although I love to buy books, I am an equally avid peruser of all sorts of interesting books and that is the idea behind the Coffee Table book collection. I'm hoping that it will be a collaborative effort between us at WOOL-TYME Kingston and customers who would like to donate special, gently used, interesting knitting related books to give our customers a good excuse to sit a bit and discover something new in the world.

Please feel free to take a few minutes to sit at our table and go through the books on display in search of inspiration and/or a smile.

One of the ideas that I found recently was in the British magazine "The Knitter" that I spoke of a few weeks ago in a post here. There was a lovely little article by the editor about the Ball of Wonder = Wunderkanauel, which was a ball of yarn that she was given as a child by her grandmother. It had been wound incorporating many little surprises: little charms, sweets and a miniature doll in the middle. She had to knit the yarn, and as the ball unrolled the treats fell out.
What a delightful way to share with children the surprises that come in life with some persistence and a little patience.
Come and see what surprises might fall into your lap when spending some special time at WOOL-TYME Kingston. We love to have you.