Knitting to Savannah

Yesterday, Saturday, Feb 28th at 4am, for the first time in 20 years, we (my husband, Scott and I) were on our way to a southern destination where the weather was supposed to be better than what we left in Kingston.
After a 15 hour day of driving, which included a terrific breakfast of homemade corned beef hash at a diner near Syracuse, and leaving my purse in a gas station bathroom in Virginia (and retrieving it because some kind person turned it in) we arrived in Wilson N.C. in time for supper at Bill's Barbecue Buffet - pictured here. This barbecue experience is worth sharing with you. I must say that it was the first time that I've ever been to a buffet of so many things that looked kind of familiar but that I really didn't recognize.
Among these, I discovered were collard greens, hush puppies (finger sized doughnut type treats), banana pudding (with ladyfingers, banana slces, custard and meringue), sweet potatoes baked in apple juice, honey and topped with marshmallows, and yellow coleslaw. It was all great, including/especially the barbecue pulled pork from an entire pig displayed on a heated tray. (I felt like such a total carnivore.)
This morning we woke up to a violent rain storm and 40degrees F, and predictions of snow for the region. This was not a good omen so we figured that we'd better keep on our way. We had been planning on driving until we were warm enough to sit outside and read. At this rate is felt like we would have to drive to Central America to achieve that goal.
Before we left North Carolina this morning I had an audience of several very confused breakfast eaters watching me through the restaurant window as I took a picture in the pouring rain of the knitting that I got done in the car yesterday: 2 balls of Diamond Luxury's new SILK TWEED which I love. At least the picture shows that there were some green azalea leaves on the bushes to prove that we weren't still in cold Ontario.
I'm not sure exactly how this sweater that I'm working on will turn out, but you may get a chance to see it in progress as the week goes on. So far there is 13" of stocking stitch with a band of about 5" of cabling in the centre to provide some shaping, followed by a few short rows to give some extra room in the front. I have a pattern that I'm kind of following, but I keep changing the detailing. It's fun!
We have arrived in Savannah; it's still freezing cold but at least there are no expectations of snow for this area and they are predicting warmer weather later in the week and lots of sun too. I think that we'll tough it out here rather than moving on, as we're both pretty fed up with the inside of the truck.
Hoping to look into the knitting community in this area of Georgia while I'm here. Will keep you posted.