I found some azalea trees

Truly, you cannot believe how cold it was this morning when we went out. It reminded me of walking around Old Montreal in the late fall. But as the day went on the sun came out and I didn't have to run from store to museum to gallery just to keep warm.

Before heading out, I was looking up some places to hit in the craft world of the area and imagine my surprise when I turned up this piece of rug hooking from Cheticamp N.S. where I was a little over a year ago to learn about their rug hooking.

It was being sold on an antiques site and had been retrieved from a home here in Savannah, probably much like this one. The architecture is really incredible in this city.

This, I believe is an azalea. They are blooming now but not profusely. Still it's nice to see some colour among the trees.

Didn't get much knitting done; a few inches so that I could start the armhole shaping. I'll try and get the front finished today or tomorrow.

Local treat of the day: Corn and crab chowder that definitely wasn't made with skim milk...yum. Also deep fried cheese cake (like Mexican deep fried ice cream only warmer.) Also found a chocolate shop that made tiny little truffle sheep the size of an almond for $4 ea. Boy, who would want to eat them for that price. Just keep them for posterity.