The Blog that Binds. (Looking for your input.)

I want to emphasize that this is a community blog. The community that shares this blog is the world of knitters and crafters, probably more specifically the community of knitters who happen to be connected with our store: WOOL-TYME in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
As the moderator of a community blog, I do want to encourage each of you to contribute to the blog, however you wish.
How to participate:
-Please feel free to leave COMMENTS at the bottom of each of these posts.
-In the Contact Us box at the top right of the screen you will find our email address for those who have questions, comments for me, or are just shy about posting tidbits to the giant virtual/web world.
-Send us a postcard. Like so many of us today, we don't get enough fun mail, just bills and flyers. When you're on the road please send us a postcard (knitting or sheep related would be fun) to the store address in the Contact Us box. It will be fun to keep track of the real world through snail mail (and we'll post your cards on a "real" cork board in our "real" store.)
What we need from you:
- The COMMENTS section would be a great place to post your own reflections about knitting, fibre, "the new yoga" or not. It's always fun to see what others are thinking.
-COMING EVENTS will soon be a feature of this blog and we will include store events, as well as fibre related events in the area, the province and the world. Please let me know via email if you know of anything that you think other readers would be interested in. I will be glad to post it for you or your group.
-We're also looking for customers' blogs to link to, other websites and blogs of interest. (I'm hoping to include links to some of the websites of our most popular distributors so that you will be able to browse their on-line catalogues and know what you need us to order for you.)
-Knitting questions, tips and tricks, or just plain fun trivia about the fibre world that you come across is always exciting to share with others.
-Interesting pictures and stories about knitting and fibre arts in the wide world- just to keep us connected to the global community too.

MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL...we need your feedback. It is only through customers'comments that we have been able to grow and improve our service and our business over the past 10 years.
Is there anything that I would like to see in the blog that we've forgotten?
Please feel free to help us make this a blog that serves you.