A well rounded knitter, designer, writer, etc.

It's funny that my last post was about observing what makes a perfect activity for a certain individuals and that it's important for each of us to understand that in ourselves. Well we are getting a good view of Laura Birek's well rounded interests.
I first saw an example of her Obama sweater at right in a knitting trade magazine, and being a big Obama fan myself, I was captivated. In this, we see Laura the knitter, the politically aware expressionist, and the designer. (Laura #1, #2, #3)
Laura offers a free download of this pattern at her blog: Nocturnalknits.http://nocturnalknits.blogspot.com/2008/10/obama-rama-free-pattern.html

On RAVELRY and on her blog, Laura's knitting name is "iwriteplays", which suggests activity #4 and she is the author of Picture Perfect Knits(#5), available at WOOL-TYME Kingston.

At another one of her blogs: http://pico-andtheman.blogspot.com/ she announces the staging of her new play, "Beneath Her Feet", which happens to be running right now. I suggest that we get a group together and hop down to catch it. I's about living, working and loving in L.A, which unfortunately is where it's premier is being presented.
Laura's last blog identity can be found at http://hikingla.blogspot.com/ where persona #6 is an urban hiker and although it appears that her other incarnations have taken over her life for the last little while (last post on this blog was Nov. 2007) there are some amazing pictures of the fires in California and some fun reading too. (In case we ever do make it down there, we can go for a good hike down the length of Pico Blvd.)
Although some may criticize that the computer is destroying our interpersonal skills, who can complain about a medium that allows us to spend a little time with other knitters like Laura. We can get to learn about people that we may never meet but who are darned interesting anyway, in a setting that is so much less formal than a professionally presented article or documentary. And many of the people on the blog scene are just wanting to share a bit of who they are...whether it be their recognizable self that others around them would know, or their fantasy self to which they can give voice by virtue of anonymity.
We all need a little fantasy and to connect with others who "get" our passion/s.