A little support?

You know that the really nice summer weather is here when the halter tops come out.

I found this one on a walk through downtown Kingston the other day, near Skeleton park.

And while we're on the subject of support garments, although they may be the same colour, these socks below are definitely not your granny's support hose. They are featured in the latest edition of Vogue Knitting Magazine.

Designed by Alexandra Richards, these toe-up knee socks with brioche stitch designs are absolutely exquisite but I would definitely need some support if I ever decided to take on such a project - the kind of support that we get from friends and family when accepting the challenge of running a marathon for instance.

By the way, this edition of VKMag has been designated "early fall". I sure hope that they mean that they are offering suggestions for knitting projects appropriate for the early fall, because after the month of May that most of us in North America have just lived through, I for one am prepared to protest forcefully if we are suddenly jettisoned into early fall before we get our due summer.

And as we await Game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals, how can we possibly talk about support without mentioning Tonya Raworth's Ultimate Canucks Fan Scarf, available on Ravelry. To be fair, I tried to find an equally committed project in support of the Boston Bruins, but alas, Ravelry didn't have anything. I did however find a vintage Bobby Orr pom pom toque on Amazon for $27 but it seemed like a poor subsitute for the real thing from the fan's hands.

By the way, we often have customers coming in to the store looking for a scarf pattern that shows off team names. I love how Tonya has done this one, using garter stitch for most of the scarf then graphing the letters to be knit sideways. She uses stocking stitch to work the graphed stitches, but I'm sure that the garter stitch could be used for most of it, employing the few purl stitches necessary to hide colour changes yet keeping the scarf from curling at all. Way to go Tonya!
By the way... Go Canucks!