I'm a few days into my week of knitting for 1/2 hour in public each day and it's been an interesting experience. On day one, last Saturday, I spent my allotted time at Jakk Tuesday's, the sports pub next to the store (how convenient) where I knitted my way through the 2nd half of the US vs UK game. I'm actually a bit surprised at not hearing more of our customers coming in to pick up a specific soccer watching project. I'm sure that during the last World Cup there were more dedicated purchases, but actually most of the conversations with our customers are around the Inventory Sale so perhaps they are using their sale yarns, or maybe they aren't watching the games? I am.
While trolling the internet this week I came across these guys. Aren't they wonderful?
The pattern comes from a site called the Evesham Dallimores
named for the Dallimore brothers who live in Evesham, England; I have yet to figure out why they have a website but they do have a friend and "knitting expert", Marion Kinchin, who has written a simple pattern to knit the monkey (who is actually based on the star of a PG Tips tea advertising campaign in the UK). The pattern is designed to be made by children with some adult help. You can find it by linking here.
More about the other days of knitting in public later.
By the way, I love what an equalizer the internet is: after posting about Sweater Quest, the book that I'm reading, I received a nice little email message/comment from Adrienne Martini, the author of said book. Very cool. (Funny that I didn't hear from Stephen King when I wrote about reading his book: On Writing - one of my favourites and the only book of his that I've had the courage to finish.)