Look At These Guys!

Are these not the greatest!
One of our customers has brought in his collection of needle felted African animals for us to display during the Spring Show and Share from tomorrow until Saturday. They really are amazing.
Come and see. And while you're at it, bring something in yourself in the next day or two. We usually have about 25 or 30 customers who contribute to each of our Show and Shares but I guess everyone was so mesmerized by the sunshine this weekend that we're down quite a bit from normal numbers. Hope to see some more of you in tomorrow.
The Spring Clean Up Sale continues until Saturday, and there are still some great buys to be had so don't miss out on it. The road sign that we have out on Gardiners Road is an amazing tool. I haven't seen so many new faces in years. It's amazing what a sign that says "20%-70% off" can do to drivers who sail past us on a regular basis. It's great.
For the first time in a long time, I have something to bring into the Show and Share too. I finished my husband's sweater that I began as I was touring around Cape Breton last September. It's a cream pullover in DK weight alpaca and features a tree of life motif in a see stitch frame on the front.
He thinks that it took me a ridiculously long time to make it; I am amazed that it's done already as I was kind of giving myself as an absolute deadline his August birthday. Anyway, it was an interesting exercise, reknitting an exact replica of a sweater that I had actually made for him about 10 years ago but as styles change needed to be longer and bigger. I kept believing that I didn't really need to look up Lucy Neatby's directions for "magic 2 layered button holes on a stocking stitch border" and I probably didn't do any worse than I would have if I had looked up the directions. But I do remember that I was making the first version of the sweater when I went to Mabel Corlett's fabulous weekend knitters' retreat, one of the last years that it was at "The Opinicon." Each project has it's own tale to tell.