I'm off to the East Coast

This is such a flying trip, I can't believe it. My parents, my brother and I are getting to spend a few days back in the homeland where they grew up and where we kids spent so many summer holidays. My 51 year old brother recalled that the last time we were there together, my Mom threatened to leave us on the Cabot Trail if we didn't stop fighting. (I was 13, he was 11 at the time).

It's such a great thing to have the chance to spend time with one's family and remake connections from so many years ago. (I haven't been back in 20 years). But what a great treat on top of all that -- to be heading to the home of yarn rug hooking: Cheticamp N.S. Growing up we were surrounded in our house by examples of this fine shaded rug hooking to the point that it became quite cliche to us. As I got older and became more involved in the fibre world, I was able to understand more and more the art and the work involved. Now that I've started hooking myself (I've been at it for about 10 hours in total, hardly an expert - but a real enthusiast!) I'm really looking forward to seeing their work with a different and more appreciative eye.

Just a reminder that October's newsletter will be sent out by e-mail next Monday, Oct. 1st (Ah, the wonders of technology, that the computer can do my work while I'm away) so if you would like to receive a copy, be sure to link to the e-mail list to the right of this page.
In closing, I would love to send a lovely gaelic wish to all of you but I only know how to write "100 thousand welcomes" which is hardly appropriate for a farewell, and besides my 100% Acadian roots would wonder why I wouldn't simply sign off with...Adieu, a la prochaine.
Be back next week!