Pre-Hallowe'en news

Just wanted to share some of the great projects that we got to appreciate last week at the Fall Show & Share. Thanks so much to all who participated.
Among these pictures, the aqua lace sweater has a removable collar making it a perfect piece to wear all year; isn't that clever?
The bowl of fruit was a big hit; both the bowl and the 4 pieces of fruit were needle felted.
Lace was a big hit this time with 5 projects of intricate lace using fine laceweight yarns and several patterns that included lace stitches.
A special announcement of an amazing event happening this week!
Those of you who come to Thursday night Knit & Chat at the WOOL-TYME Kingston store may have met Jay Serdula who is our only male participant, and who's jokes are much anticipated. Jay is planning and training to swim Lake Ontario next summer and to spur on the United Way Campaign among his co-workers at RMC, Jay promised to swim "Navy Bay" if a certain amount was raised in pledges. Well we heard today that the swim is on for Friday, NOVEMBER 2nd - that's right, swimming in Lake Ontario, in November. What some people will do for a fundraiser!
Anyone interested in cheering Jay on should be at Fort Henry about 11:45 on Friday morning and the swim is scheduled to take place at noon. Way to go Jay!
There is so much for every knitter on the internet and here is an idea that came to me this morning from KnitNet's Tips, Tricks and Trade secrets. This is a weekly e-newsletter which usually features an unusually useful tip for knitters from each of the beginner, intermediate and expert skill levels. I make a point of reading all 3 of the tips each week as I often find some really great little idea that I had never thought of before. The following is the best reason/way to get a "dreaded" swatch knitted that I have ever heard of:

Swatch Secret
"I am like most knitters: reluctant to knit a swatch because I am impatient with the time it takes and, as it happens, just lazy. I am also like most knitters in that I have a stash that keeps growing no matter how fast I knit.
Recently, however, I developed a new mindset: I love knitting; swatching is actually just knitting.
When I get new yarn for a new project, I am eager to use it but I know that I can't possibly start another project until I finish some I am currently working on. So I just take out one of those luscious balls of my new yarn acquisition and make the swatch.
I get to enjoy the feel of it and see the beauty of the yarn as it is knitted. This satisfies my impatience to get started with the new while the old still sits glaring at me to pick it up and get busy. I also get a swatch made well in advance. "
— Mary Enck, Santa Monica CA
Now isn't that a great way to deal with our addiction in a very creative and useful manner.
1. Buy yarn.
2. Play with yarn using recommended needles in stocking stitch. Enjoy knitting with new yarn.
3. Discover that you have actually made a swatch while enjoying said new yarn. Eureka!
To receive the KnitNet tips regularly at your email visit www.knitnet.com It's a great on line knitting magazine that is certainly worth a look.