The Events- Knitting Olympics 2010

Well folks, I'm not sure about you but I'm getting geared up: 18 days to cast on! Oops, to the Opening Ceremonies I mean.

I've been a big fan of knitting while watching the Olympics since 1992 when my youngest, then 2 1/2 years old, watched the women's figure skating event and announced that she didn't like HER, pointing to Tanya Harding in close-up as she awaited the judges marks. Astute, I would say.

Below, I've listed the official 2010 Knitting Olympics events as compiled by the International Ravelympics Committee ( the IRC, not to be confused with the IOC) in which you can participate (pick 2 if you're ambitious and have lots of viewing time.)

For those who aren't familiar with the origins of the Knitting Olympics, it all began a mere 4 years ago when Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (bless her heart) mused on her Yarn Harlot blog: wouldn't it be a cool idea to challenge ourselves as knitters in the spirit of the Olympics, choosing a project to complete during the 2006 Games that would stretch us as crafters? She also (foolishly) offered to register everyone who signed up and their chosen project. From that excited little musing, thousands of knitters agreed that it would indeed be a "cool idea" and joined the cause. To hear Stephanie tell it, she spent the next several weeks in her pyjamas, half crazed, trying to keep up with the never ending supply of excited knitters who wanted to get on board.

The rest of us, who were a bit slow off the mark, have been waiting for the last 4 years to get on board this time.

So here are the events that you can choose from. Remember - choose wisely, realistically, and with a commitment to the challenge.

Aerial Unwind - Bag Jump - Beading Biathlon - Bobsled Cable - Cross-Country Charity - Curling Designer - Biathlon Designer - Original Dance Designer - Pattern Skeleton - Downhill Dyeing - Felting Freestyle - Fleece to FO Long-Track -
Flying Camel Spin Free Dance - Giant Slalom/ghan - Hat Halfpipe -
Holiday Jumpstart - Skiing Junior Olympics - Labyrinth Weaving - Lace Luge
- Mittens Moguls - Nordic Colorwork - Combined Platter Lift Samalong -
Machine Skate - Scarf Super-G - Short Track Shawls - Single Skein Speed Skate -Skelegurumi - Snow Cross Sock Hockey - Stash Compulsory Dance -
Sweaterboard Cross - WIPs Dancing.
More in the next few days about my own choice.



The basics of chart reading and yarn stranding and the 2 handed method to make beautiful classic designs are covered in this class.
WHEN: Sat. Feb. 27 1-4pm
COST: $35 (material list available)

Our most popular class. Come and learn the basics of sock knitting that can be adapted to create beautiful socks for any foot, in any yarn.

WHEN: Sat. June 12th, 10am-2pm.
COST: $45 (includes materials)

Introducing our latest class concept:
Want to gain enough knitting confidence to create beautiful sweaters that fit?
Make this simple baby sweater in 3 classes and just 2 weeks and acquire skills that can be applied to all of your knitting!

Part I
WHEN: Fri. March 26th 7-9pm (yarn and fibre selection, gauge, choosing the right size and pattern reading). AND Sat. March 27th 1-4pm (cast on your sweater and learn how to knit the 5 basic pieces that you need).
COST: $35 plus materials (about $25)
TEACHER: Alana Baig

Part II
WHEN: Sat. April 10 1-4pm. (Return 2 weeks later to learn how to pick up stitches neatly, create button holes, the invisible mattress stitch, blocking and more.)
COST: $35

Pick up our BOOT CAMP sweater kit, knit your pieces and join us for PART II.
Come and play with wool fleece and other fibres to see what you can create and have crazy fun too.
WHEN: Sat. April 17th 1-4pm
COST: $35 (includes all materials)

Can you see the keyboard in this scarf? Illusion knitting is so fun. Learn to follow patterns and make your own designs.
WHEN: Sat. April 24th 1-4pm
COST: $45 (materials list available)
TEACHER: Rachel Bearse.


SPOILER ALERT for those who like little lambs.

I've just spent the morning printing up my daughter's lab manual for neuroscience at Guelph U where she will be spending part of this semester studying the brain of a sheep. I'm not sure why they have chosen the sheep brain but it did strike her as a bit close to home, as she has been surrounded for most of her life by the outer offerings of the sheep.
Ah, the circle of life!

Don't you just love this picture? Deb White passed it on to me as part of a larger review of "Computer security" products that you can knit to keep your identity safe. As you can see the needles are still on this w.i.p. around the monitor, but the final product, which created a sort of inverted turtleneck completely enclosing the user and the monitor, was a bit strange even for knitting computer geeks.

Later on this week I'll be posting the list of classes that will be offered at the store this spring but I just wanted to let you know about the SWEATER BOOT CAMP coming up in March/April. I think it's such a great idea for those who are really enjoying their knitting, but want to get a good grounding and develop confidence in the basics of sweater making or for those who are just a bit nervous about leaving the safe world of scarves and hats.

We'll be using this little bulky knit jacket as a learning tool to introduce all the different aspects of sweater knitting: yarn choice, sizing, gauge, on the 1st night, then the next day participants will return for the cast on and pattern reading part of the program. 2 weeks later they are ready with their 5 basic pieces knitted to learn about picking up stitches, button holes and the mattress stitch.

The Sock-In-A-Day class has been so popular and succesful in teaching people by giving them a good quick overview of how to get from start to finish in a project that seems a bit daunting if spread out over a longer period of time. Using those same principles, we're hoping to introduce confidence in sweater knitting to a whole new crop of participants.