Spring Show & Share.

These are just a few of the wonderful and interesting projects that we had into the Spring Show & Share at the store a couple of weeks ago. On the left is Mary Jane's lined coat made of mohair in about 10 different colours. It really is eye catching and beautifully done.
Next we have a selection of scarves that Marion - the On-Line SOLO scarf fiend - has designed and made. I believe that she is responsible for at least 75% of the popularity of this interesting yarn/knitting concept in the city of Kingston.
Nicci brought in her gorgeous felted bag, which she artistically embellished with beads and wool, using the needle-felting techniques that she learned at our workshop with Andrea Graham last year. (By the way, Nicci, I've lost your email address in the transfer to gmail. Please get in touch.)
Finally Brandy's tatting is always a treat to see as the rest of us can barely distinguish the individual stitches, never mind imagining being able to do such lovely work.

I know that it takes courage for people to bring in their projects to the store. More courage for some than for others. Everyone is different. But we love to encourage people to let us share with our other customers the enjoyment that they get from working on (and finishing) a special project. I want to thank all of the 22 participants who brought in things for us to ogle, and hope that next fall, we will be able to entice even more of the knitters in the area to inspire us by their work and creativity.