A great month

So here I am last week, returning to Kingston after nearly 3 weeks on the road.
I have certainly felt worse, and don't think that I look too bad in this picture.
I spent this last week of my sabbatical month working from home, consolidating some of the information that I'd picked up out west and working on the rug. And below is a picture of how it ended up as of today, Monday May 31st. I also got one of the toe up socks finished and began the second. I would say that I definitely accomplished what I intended to do.
All in all, I'm so grateful for this time away from regular life. I've always been a person who can do a lot, but of different things in smaller quantities. My motto should be "In diversity is happiness." I really thrive on a change of scenery, which is strange as I'm a cancer, and cancers are supposed to be homebodies I thought.
So to sum up I learned a lot from this trip. I learned that the word Quinoa is pronounced Kin-Wah. That there are many business that have survived and thrive by combining interests and branching out. That for a long trip, if you can afford the time, the train is definitely the way to go. I discovered that I like asparagus, and halibut is a beautiful fish. I realized that a bit of mist is what makes the west coast particularly beautiful. And from a business perspective, I've come home with lots of fresh ideas and a refreshed attitude.
Now for next year...