I miss you guys...

It seems like it's been forever since I've had a chance to write anything here. It has been a busy couple of weeks getting the newsletter out and with 2 off site show & sales there hasn't been much time to get on the ol' computer. So I've been keeping track of things that I think of and want to let you in on. The first thing is that I finally got a new camera that actually takes sensible pictures without having to invest 1/2 hour trying to find just the right light to get a photo that is actually usable.

Last Saturday we had 6 ladies from the Montreal Knitters' Guild come to visit and we all had a lovely time getting to chat (them and me), and shop (them). Unfortunately, I hadn't had a chance to master the camera yet so I don't have a pictorial record of the visit but it was fun - with 3 kinds of muffins.

I was looking for something in the store to photograph so I could show off the new camera and thought that I would take this opportunity to announce that we got our new shipment of Yarn Harlot - Things I Learned From Knitting books. I was surprised at how quickly our first order sold out and when I reordered, our supplier had sold out too and we had to wait for their new shipment. Anyway, here they are...

And to further emphasize the advantage of having photos, I wanted to let everyone see some of the amazing new yarns that I got a great deal on and am passing the savings on to you. Throughout the store there are baskets of lovely quality yarns that are discounted. In these pictures, you'll see on the left a gorgeous 100% silk beside a mohair boucle blend. To the right is a picture of the bin of Noro yarns that have been discontinued but are no less wonderful. You really should pay us a visit and see if anything strikes your fancy. We have a lovely cotton/wool DK blend on the sale table and a few fine cottons too. Just to name a few.
Finally, for those of you who have linked to the site at the bottom right in the sidebar of this page where it says: My other self, you will have discovered that my novel, "Dancing with Silence" was being posted over the past year in somewhat regular installments. Well I am thrilled to let you all know that after exactly one year of working at it, the whole thing is up on the site and is ready to be read from beginning to end. Writing is my other passion and although it was a wonderful experience writing the book, it's been equally fun and rewarding to re-edit it this past year for internet publication. Hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to read it. For those who have asked, it may be available in paper version in the near future if you can't imagine (as I couldn't) spending the hours that it would take to read an entire novel in front of your computer. The link to the book is http://www.dancingwithsilence.blogspot.com/