Cowichan Knitting in Vogue Knitting, Early Fall 2010

I always love to see the new magazines when they arrive at the store, and I had been forwarned of the latest issue of Vogue Knitting. Everyone who had it was asking me if I'd seen the article on the Cowichan sweaters.

Well, things being as they are when one returns from an extended time away, sitting down to peruse the latest knitting magazine was not at the top of the TO DO list, but I did make a point of checking out the article this week. What a lovely surprise: there they featured Emily Sawyer-Smith who was the lovely lady that I was speaking with during my trip to Duncan B.C. She is also the lady that I gave my copy of the Japanese book: Cowichan Sweater Hat and Small Goods pictured above. Link here to the latest WOOL-TYME Kingston newsletter where I describe my visit with Emily.

While searching the net for a nice picture of Emily to include in this post, I came across the best blog post on the Cowichan knitting tradition that I've seen so far, written by Ouno Designs of Vancouver who describe their blog in this way: "This is a long, messy, eclectic photo essay on design." It's actually a really interesting peephole into modern culture and certainly worthy of a good browse.
Among other rare pictures, they featured this amazing one of Canadian WWII officer Cecil Merritt in a Cowichan sweater sent to him by relatives in Vancouver – he’s photographed here in a Nazi prisoner of war camp along with fellow officers.

Don't you just love dawdling along on the internet, there are just way too many fun things to discover.