A techno success story- knock on wood.

Well, this is fun. It's Saturday afternoon and I get to play hookey from work because I'm in Ottawa giving my folks a post-op. hand. Meanwhile I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try out the new laptop at the local Second Cup just so that I can look very techno-savvy like all the other smart folk that I've seen over the past few years, who get to spend some quality time with their laptops while sipping a Cappuccino (I had to look at the price board to figure out how to spell Cappuccino).

One of the difficult decisions that I have to deal with in writing a blog AND a well read e-newsletter is how much to I put in the blog ahead of time so that it isn't too repetitive for those of you who read both of these projects of mine. Well too bad for you if you do get a double dose of these new yarns as we have had to practically hand out dribble-bibs to the staff as they have been putting them out.

The first of these is the newest arrival from one of our best sellers: Manos del Uruguay...it's a DK blend of wool and silk that just makes you want to swim in it. A bit pricey but excellent yardage makes this a treat that you deserve.

The second dribble fest came about when putting out Estelle's new Cloud Cotton. This Aran weight organic cotton in glorious colours was so exciting that I immediately took a couple of skeins home to make the ever-popular "Baby Yoda Jacket" which should be on display at the store sometime this week. It is so cute, you can't believe it and it shows us who glorious the feel is, even to me, not a major fan of knitting with cotton. There are a few other wonderful arrivals this spring but you'll just have to click on the link at right to sign up for the monthly newsletter which will be coming out (I really shouldn't tempt fate by stating that so positively, but that's just me...the risk taker) next Saturday, March 1st.

Well, I guess it's time to go as I'm finishing my last sip of hot apple cider, and other patrons are eyeing me enviously for my comfy leather seat next to the fireplace, and Rogers is about to cut me off after having paid for my hour's worth of internet service.
It really is fun learning a new skill. By the way, (dare I tempt fate again by annoucing it? Oh what the H...) early next week, thanks to the miracle of modern technology, we should be plugged into wireless internet connection at the store so you will be able to bring your laptops to check into Ravelry or colour charts or product lines while you're at the store. Looking forward to it.