SPOILER ALERT for those who like little lambs.

I've just spent the morning printing up my daughter's lab manual for neuroscience at Guelph U where she will be spending part of this semester studying the brain of a sheep. I'm not sure why they have chosen the sheep brain but it did strike her as a bit close to home, as she has been surrounded for most of her life by the outer offerings of the sheep.
Ah, the circle of life!

Don't you just love this picture? Deb White passed it on to me as part of a larger review of "Computer security" products that you can knit to keep your identity safe. As you can see the needles are still on this w.i.p. around the monitor, but the final product, which created a sort of inverted turtleneck completely enclosing the user and the monitor, was a bit strange even for knitting computer geeks.

Later on this week I'll be posting the list of classes that will be offered at the store this spring but I just wanted to let you know about the SWEATER BOOT CAMP coming up in March/April. I think it's such a great idea for those who are really enjoying their knitting, but want to get a good grounding and develop confidence in the basics of sweater making or for those who are just a bit nervous about leaving the safe world of scarves and hats.

We'll be using this little bulky knit jacket as a learning tool to introduce all the different aspects of sweater knitting: yarn choice, sizing, gauge, on the 1st night, then the next day participants will return for the cast on and pattern reading part of the program. 2 weeks later they are ready with their 5 basic pieces knitted to learn about picking up stitches, button holes and the mattress stitch.

The Sock-In-A-Day class has been so popular and succesful in teaching people by giving them a good quick overview of how to get from start to finish in a project that seems a bit daunting if spread out over a longer period of time. Using those same principles, we're hoping to introduce confidence in sweater knitting to a whole new crop of participants.