This week's news: WOOL-TYME Kingston's VEGETABLE SALE June 9-14 and KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY< June 14th

Okay, so it isn't exactly a SALE on vegetables, but rather this week, we are featuring all of our yarns that are primarily of a plant base (Cottons, linen, bamboo, hemp, viscose) at 20% OFF (By the way, the pretty blue flower to the right is from the flax plant, where we get linen. It's a great plant for sunny areas of your garden.)
I love the month of June at the store: it gives me sense of tidying things up by finding good homes for so many of our yarns during the Inventory Sale.
Next week (June 16-20) we will be featuring all of our synthetic blend yarns, great for afghans, kids' clothes and accessories at 20% off and I'll fill you in later on about our extra special feature that we keep for the last week of June.
One last note: Please join us for Kingston's version of the World Wide Knit In Public Day, which will be next Saturday, June 14th, starting at Sipps cafe on Brock St, near Market Square around 1pm. We are expecting to have a good number of knitters who enjoy getting together and sharing some stories, some ideas, some patterns, and some fun. Hope to see you there!!!