What's going on at the store.

It's been great to see so many people who had taken a bit of a leave from their knitting while the weather was warm and the gardens and activities were occupying them.

We've had some great new products arrive at the store recently that I wanted to let you now about. First is our second batch of Vogue Knitting Magazine's 25th Anniversary issue. The first batch was sold out almost immediately. It's a great magazine, giving us the opportunity to laugh at ourselves a bit for the looks that we've tried to achieve in our knitting over the past 25 years. Get yours soon as they don't last long. It's a a very interesting read for any knitter.

About twice a year, we get a visit from Jack, the needlepoint canvas guy. He arrives with coffee and a Tim Horton's treat and we always get a chance to catch up on each other's lives. (His youngest daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks. Pretty proud papa.) Anyway, Jack always leaves behind a great selection of needlepoint canvasses so for those who enjoy needlepoint, come on in and see what there is. There are some really beautiful pieces.

For those of you who have always been intrigued by these canvasses that we display on our walls, and have wondered how they are worked, the time has come for you to check out our new schedule of winter events as in January, we will be having a free demo that will give you the gist of how it works and will show you how easy it is to work these canvasses.
A complete list will be available in the next couple of days on this site, but paper copies are available at the store now.
NOW THAT'S A SOCK! This is the first time that we have had 6ply sock yarn in the store and it's been a big hit. Obviously you don't have to make knee high socks with it; I think that they are just trying to play on the fact the yarn is a bit bigger than the traditional 4ply self-striping yarn that we're all used to. This yarn is just the thing for those who wear socks in sandals, (summer and winter?) in sneakers, in skates or light hiking boots or just to give you a bit more warmth and a faster knitted sock.
Finally, thanks a million to all of you who filled out our customer survey. You can't imagine how helpful it is for us to know what you like and what maybe isn't so important to you -- what we should focus on and what should we let go of. And by the way, CONGRATS to Janice Van Dijk, the winner of the $100. gift certificate. I'm sure that she'll put it to good use.