Knitters are kind.

At the Kingston Knitting Circle's get-together (I could never call such a relaxed forum a "meeting") at Chapters last night, I was struck by the variety of people who call themselves knitters and who like to just spend time together.
Not wanting to be too nosy, but I would judge that 6 decades were represented within the 12 of us who were there. There is always an amazing range of personal backgrounds and knitting abilities but the one consistent link is that everyone is so nice and kind- encouraging the novices, marveling at the next amazing project from the experts of all ages, and laughing together at the "experiences" that lead some of us to start over.
In passing, someone said that they felt that the staff at WOOL-TYME Kingston always treated their customers like they themselves would want to be treated if they were shopping in a knitting store. I was so touched by this thought. There's a lovely song, of which I remember very little except that I really liked it, that says: "May your love bind your work to your play". Well I would say that that is the closest I could come to defining how we all feel about coming to work. You, the customers, really are friends - whether we've met you before or not.

THAT BEING SAID...let me shamelessly plug the CUSTOMER SURVEY that we are conducting until the fall. We need as much feedback as possible from our customers to help guide us in the future in what we will offer in fibres, products, services and classes. All you need to do to have a chance at $100 gift certificate from WOOL-TYME Kingston is to email me at wooltymekingston@gmail.com for your electronic survey, complete it and return it and you're in. Alternately, when you are in the store the next time, ask for a paper copy and drop it in the ballot box. It only takes a few minutes to complete and it really is incredibly valuable information to us.