Knitting Designers

So I've been really lazy with the blog this summer, having fun on a trip to the Maritimes and getting things organized for the fall.

When I was preparing the August Newsletter I was so impressed by the designs of Laura Chau, a wonderful knitwear designer from Toronto, and we're really pleased to feature some of her patterns in the store. They've been going well. Alana discovered this new pattern from Laura that's now available through Ravelry called Cityscapes.

Then I started thinking of some of the knitwear designers from the Kingston area who have had patterns published over the past couple of years and I spent spent some time browsing the Kingston Group of knitters on Ravelry and came up with these examples. Hope you like the line up (and this is just a few of the talented artists in our area).

Cathy Broughton's Diamond in the Rough

Deb White's Silk Bathrobe from the book: No Sheep For You

Maria Leigh's Picnic Cardigan

Robin Hunter's
Pinwheel Cardigan

And our latest addition to the group of Kingston-connected knitwear designers, Elizabeth McCarten will be featured in the next edition of the Twist Collective with this gorgeous men's zipped cardigan called Sandridge.
Link to her blog and you'll not only get the inspiration that contributed to the creation of this sweater but also see the cleverly reinvented version of it as a lady's coat with a flattering A line silhouette (also available on Ravelry).