We're always looking for new classes and workshops to offer at the store. Alana and I have been working together with the regular Tuesday/Thursday on-going classes, and she was mentioning how she would love to offer a class where many of the questions that we answer each week get covered. Basic but extremely important questions like how to choose size and yarn weight, how to "pick up and knit", why there are different types of decreases and increases, etc.
So in the spirit of our insanely popular Sock-In-A-Day class (the next one of these is on March 12th by the way) we came up with the idea of a SWEATER BOOT CAMP - a 3 class/2 week course where participants would begin by planning their project, get the guidance needed to complete the 5 requisite pieces for the project cardigan (shown above), and come back 2 weeks later to learn about putting it all together.
Obviously there is only so much knitting that can be expected of a person in 2 weeks which is why the project chosen is this cute little baby jacket knit in bulky weight yarn. Seriously, the back can be knit in just a couple of hours.
The idea has been extremely popular so far and seems to be offering people a chance to build their confidence by challenging them to a simple/no frills design that serves as a basis for any future sweater knitting projects.
See the second last post for date and pricing details. Do consider this class for yourself or to recommend to a knitting friend who is ready to go beyond the hat and scarf; it should be lots of fun. And as after any BOOT CAMP experience, I'm sure there will be a few weary muscles and brain cells, but it will provide some great memories and a real sense of accomplishment.