Playing with my new camera

For 16 years now, I've been passing the sheep in the field at the top of our hill and often thought that it would be fun to go and take some pictures. So last night I set out with new camera in hand to see if they would pose for me. Well, sheep being sheep, one of them looked over at me and as soon as she did that, the rest of them looked over and started to move away. This picture is taken at the extreme zoom level and really fast before they all took off out of range. I was impressed.

One solace of having your things stolen, as my camera was on the last day of the train trip, is that you sometimes get to replace that which was taken with something even better. Last spring I took a short photography workshop and was pleased to discover that my old little point-and-shoot Kodak was actually not too bad but more important, I learned about the potential of other cameras that mine just nodded at. This new camera is just a step up from the last one, and I'm having a great time playing with it.

In another vein, I'm looking forward to Knit In Public Day/Week which for me will begin next Saturday, June 12th teaching the Sock in A Day class, then heading to the market Downtown to knit in the square for 1/2hour. I hope to keep up this knitting meditation in different places throughout the city for the week.

Under most circumstances, such a fun opportunity to knit for 1/2 hour each day would call for a special new project so I looked up a pattern that I had seen in a couple of the LYSs in my travels: The Travelling Woman shawl. I found the Free pattern up on Ravelry and was all set to take on the relative challenge of knitting a small lace shawl while sharing the benefits of knitting with strangers as they pass by.
Then the sensible angel on my other shoulder asked me precisely what I thought I was doing, beginning a new, unknown to me pattern when I already have a sweater and 2 sets of socks on the go, all of which I feel perfectly comfortable knitting while talking to passers by, AND all of which need to be finished for birthdays over the next couple of months.

So, properly chastised by my good angel, I will be working on these UFO's but encouraged to complete them so that I can get on with the Travelling Woman Shawl with one of our beautiful sock yarns that I haven't had the opportunity to try yet.