Just wanted to show you a picture of some of our bags of yarn on sale. There are actually way too many to put in one picture.

This is such a great week as it allows people to really get the best deals on larger quantities of yarn that they love. These yarns are like our pets for whom it's time to send them off to good homes where people will cherish them and use them well.

In addition to our storewide 20% discount on bags of yarn, we actually have some that 30% and 40% off, and great deals on books, needles and gadgets throughout the store too (including all our in stock Lantern Moon baskets).

Don't forget, if you live out of town, please feel free to call us to see if we have a yarn that you're looking for on special. (613) 384-3951.

Also, next Sunday, being July 1st will see the launching of the new e-newsletter. If you haven't signed up for it yet, please send me an email at wooltymekingston at gmail dot com and we'll be glad to add you to the list.

Enjoy the summer, wherever you are. Stay cool.