I have a "code" (in my nose).

We, the staff of WOOL-TYME Kingston have been plagued with illness (nothing too serious, thank heavens! Mainly sniffles) since October, and although I've been able to dodge the germ-laden bullet until now, I've finally succumbed.

A delicate sniffle would be one thing to bring to work, but full blown hacking would be quite unwelcome at this afternoon's class. So while Jan is meeting with the Tuesday afternoon class, I get to stay home and read Vogue Knitting and chat with you.

This particular edition of VK (winter 2007/08) is really a better than average one. It netted me a dozen new products/web-sites/patterns/ideas that I want to look into. I usually only average 2 or 3. In fact I was so taken by Elizabeth Zimmerman's (at right) "EZ as Pi" shawl that I had to start it right now. Now that involved using 14" straight needles as I didn't have any circulars of the right size at home. This is no mean feat for a shawl who's back is a complete semi-circle. My impetuousness also means that the likelyhood of me actually finishing said shawl is only about in the 30% range, but the construction seemed so simple and interesting that I wanted to lose myself in it for a few hours. I am however using SUBLIME DK, a blend of wool, cashmere and silk. The name says it all and if anyting gets me to the end of this project, it could be that I've become clinically addicted to using this gorgeous yarn and that the pattern is so virtually mindless once you've worked on it for an hour or so that there may not be any reason not to get it done.

One of the other things I've gotten to do today in my forced isolation is to check out and sign up on the Ravelry site: http://www.ravelry.com/about How silly, I really should have done it months ago when I first heard of it. It's very exciting. A cyber community of knitters and crocheters who can encourage and inspire each other. The stats are that there are about 7000 people on the waiting list to join and they are inviting about 500 per day so, really that's not too bad. I'm looking forward to the "call", kind of like flying up to Girl Guides after years as a Brownie...I'll be joining the community of cyber-crafters after decades of relying on face to face interactions for my fibre fixes.

I thought it was interesting, although not surprising, that according to their blog, http://blog.ravelry.com/ the average and median age of members is mid 30's. I'm almost surprised that it isn't younger but there must be a few of us old-timers there to tip the scale. Anyway, check it out...it's quite interesting and you could open up a whole new world of friends & projects.

One of the otherother issues of having a cold is that one's resistance is down and last Friday when I met with my sales rep from Diamond Yarns, I was joyfully seduced by the gajillion gorgeous things that they have to offer for spring (and year round) knitting, and our customers will get to have the fun. Those of you who don't get our monthly newsletter may want to sign up through the link at the right as there are so many great new products coming ovwe the next couple of months, you'll want to know about them as they arrive... (Here's a teaser: yarns of 100% soya, 100% linen, and self-patterning cotton DK for garments -yes, just like the socks do.)

So my box of Kleenex Ultra Soft and I bid you adieu, and I'll be sure to take pictures of the EZ Pi shawl as/when/if it grows.