A different kind of Girly-Girl.

One of the things that I love to discover as I browse the internet looking for quirky things in the world of fibre arts is how different people see the same world that we all see, but choose to pair different aspects of it in such interesting ways.

This picture is of Theresa Honeywell's 1980 Kawasaki motorcycle cozy (www.theresahoneywell.com) The article on her site explains how her art combines "girly" crafts with macho images like this motorcycle.

If you Google images of Theresa Honeywell, there is a whole array of examples of how she plays with delicate needlecrafts and incorporates them into the world of construction (toolbelt, jackhammer), warfare (a tank cozy and machine gun), and a whole selection of beautiful and delicate tatoo art. Many of you know that I'm a fan of tatoos so that makes me a fan of Theresa who has rigged up her sewing/embroidery machine to produce tatoo art for in embroidery for sale at craft fairs.