A bit of what we came for.

This is a picture of Tybee Island about 25 minutes out of Savannah. We spent most of the day there, sitting on these lovely wooden swings that dot the 3 mile long, immaculate beach ($1 000 fine for littering and my guess is that it's well enforced.) Beautiful and sunny but I still spent the day with my jacket on and wrapped in a queen size fleece blanket while I read my book on the beach. There were a few hearty souls sunbathing - I have goosebumps just thinking about that much bare skin exposed to the sea winds, never mind the radiation from the sun.
This little community is obviously a summer place and wasn't quite sure what to do with us tourists who were foolish enough to come at a time when we couldn't swim in the ocean. A few restaurants were open but we still ended up eating lunch at the Subway shop (one of only 2 fast food franchises in the town- which is quite amazing).

The funniest thing happened which does a good job of giving you the flavour of the town. It was 3 o'clock and as we were heading out I wanted to pick up a cup of coffee for the ride. We stopped into a little ice cream shop and as I was reading the menu board, wondering if there was perhaps a local sweet that I could add to the coffee when the fellow behind the counter asked me what I'd like. I told him that I'd start with a large coffee and before I could say anything else, he said in a very apologetic voice with the sweetest southern drawl: "I guess we could make y'all some, but coffee's kind of a breakfast thing 'round here. Now I could name 20 places y'all could walk to if y'all wanted a beer. There might be coffee across the street at the gas station."

I don't think that Timmy's would do very well down here.

I have some pictures for a last post but it takes some fooling around to get them in place so "y'all" will have to wait until I get home to share them with you.