Social Knitting.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. June 14th was
Worldwide Knit in Public Day and in Kingston that meant getting together at Sipps on Brock St for some coffee/tea and cookies and a nice bunch of people. Here is a picture of a few of us.

One of the things that seemed to be a theme of the knitting chat that day was where one knits. It was sweet to hear that the first 3 people who showed up and didn't know each other, were all shy about bringing out their knitting to identify themselves. (One of them said that she knew how the witches and wizards in Harry Potter felt when in the Muggle world.)
Movie knitting was a topic of discussion and I was reminded of the time that I brought a giant ball of mohair with me to the drive-in to begin a circular sweater. I had calculated the number of stitches that I would need and carefully cast them on as the credits began. It got darker but I felt confident in my ability, after all, I am a "professional knitter"! When I was done casting on I joined the stitches into a circle with the greatest of attention so that I wouldn't have the stitches twisted and be forced to start all over again. On occasion I even opened the car door in order to use the dome light to check my work. When I was satisfied that it was all just so, I merrily knit the band and even managed to change to larger needles for the body during the second movie.

Over the next few weeks I knit the body and when I came to the openings for the sleeves I decided to work the front and back pieces seperately. I finished the back, sloping the shoulders just so... Then I came to the front and worked up to the neck. I completed the left shoulder. I put the neck stitches on a holder to be picked up later and began working on the right shoulder only to realize that I had cast on an extra 25 stitches weeks before when I had so cavalierly began the sweater in the dark at the drive-in. Being mohair, the remains of that sweater are now a comfy pillow for some pile of trash at the landfill site.

This picture was taken at the Toucan Pub on Princess St on Monday evening at the inaugural meeting of the Downtown Knit Night, which by the sounds of the enthusiastic participants will take place every Monday from 8ish pm until whenever the last ones want to leave. It was a ball and Ann, who works at the Toucan and booked the venue, was sweet enough to order up some Natchos for us. (Yes, somewhat unfortunately, it is completely possible to eat Natchos, and drink whatever, and knit at the same time.) Anyone is welcome to join the group so feel free to meet the gang. It was a lively night of fun. (The red, white and blue shirt in the back of the picture belonged to Jeff (sp?), Ann's rugby playing brother, who joined us to knit his Dr Who scarf.)
Then on Tuesday night we met at Chapters in the Community Room for the monthly get together of the Kingston Knitting Circle. One of the fun things about this group, as Joan pointed out, is that many knitters also seem to be avid readers, and who among us could pass up a trip to a bookstore. Pam, who works at Chapters and is an excellent and avid knitter, usually manages to find us some new and interesting books. This one I had to pick up as it was just too intriguing. Three Bags Full is a mystery story of a shepherd who is murdered and the sheep are left to solve the mystery of the identity of his attacker.
I now have enough "summer reading" to last me until May 2009. It promises to be a good long summer if my reading list is calling the weather shots.
Next meeting of the Knitting Circle is Tues. July 15th. from 7-9 pm.