Before I forget...(which has become a hazard of my age) I want to remind everyone of the FREE demo at the store next Saturday, Nov. 24th, where we will have all the materials available for you to try your hand and knitting with "Thrums" and get copies of Free patterns for 2 and 4 needle mitts, slippers, socks and a toque using this great technique of adding bits of unspun yarn to create a cozy layer of warmth inside your knitting.

It's interesting to think that when the store opened 11 years ago, we had only small bags of natural wool -- uncarded, barely more than washed -- with which to make these cozy insertions into mitts.

Now your thrums can come pre-stranded in an array of natural and dyed colours from Briggs & Little, or you can use some of our beautiful hand dyed fleece from Cornerstore Fibres. Worsted weight knitting wools have come a long way too, as the knitted part can be made of self striping Noro KUREYON, hand dyed Manos del Uruguay, our new tone on tone CASCADE 220, classic tweeds in Tussock 10 ply and NATURA Tweed, as well as all the fabulous citrus colours of Ella Rae's and Paton's Classic wools.

At this time of the year, we get a lot of people in looking to make gifts for friends and family that won't take an eternity yet will have a certain pizazz about them. Thrummed accessories make awe-inspiring gifts that will wow them on Christmas morning! And here are a few of my other favourties.

This hat is from our Free Felted Brimmed Hat pattern that is incredibly easy to knit and looks wonderful on most heads. This version has been made using the new CASCADE 220 tone on tone yarn that adds such depth to the colour. It can also be made with any of our worsted weight pure wools mentioned above or with Lopi for a nice "halo of wool" effect.

It seems a bit funny to suggest afghans with just 36 knitting days left before Christmas, but both of these that we have displayed in the store are so easy and quick to whip up that they may be just the thing you need to get your loved ones their coziness quotient over the Holidays. At right is the EweCanKnit "Team Afghan" that whips up in no time, due to it's simplicity, yet lets you encourage your own sports fans. (Thanks, by the way to Sharon at EweCanKnit, for the many sample projects such as this one that she has allowed us to borrow and display over the years.)
This next afghan pictured below is a bit hard to visualize from the picture but many of you will have seen it in the store in different colour combinations, as it is my standard afghan to make whenever I only have a few weeks before it has to be ready. It's a free pattern and uses size 15mm circular needles and 3 strands of chunky yarn and I've been known to have one done in just a couple of weeks (and don't kid yourselves, I don't have any more knitting time than any of you do.)

Other quick gift ideas are any felting project (purses, mitts, slippers, etc) and they too have a great wow factor, as do many hats and bulky sweaters.
And guess what? 38 days from now, when you're eating left over turkey, you can plan your own project -- just for you.