Vogue Knitting Magazine

We all have our favourite knitting magazines, but seldom does Vogue Knitting really make a big impact on the knitters that visit our store. We sell a few but mainly to people who "read it for the articles" to quote some Playboy fans. Usually the patterns are a bit too excentric for our knitters, and although it can have beautiful design ideas they aren't all that practical for many of us.

This edition for Spring and Summer 2009 is very nice but I'm not pushing it to sell more copies as we sold out of this one very quickly (I'm sure that Chapters might still have some in.) But I did want to point out the website features that they spoke of in this issue that are really wonderful.

First of all they now offer knitters the option of seeing every one of the patterns featured in their magazine in a video version of a 360 degree view showing the completed project from the front, sides and back. For instance if we look at this magnificent vest on the cover, who would have a clue what the front would look like. And stunning though the back might be, most knitters would like to think that what they are wearing should look good in the front too. Thanks to these videos you get to see the whole shooting match.

Another great feature of their website is called Knitbook where you can create your own personalized pattern book from their archives, or buy single pattern downloads from the hundreds of designs featured in past and sold out issues of Vogue Knitting, the Debbie Bliss Magazine (whose 1st edition completely sold out in a week) and Knit 1 magazine.

This picture above is of one of the most popular patterns in that 1st Debbie Bliss Magazine. Isn't it exquisite? How wonderful that we can now access these patterns, even when they're unavailable through the conventional print means.
Finally, the Vogue Knitting Website offers a newsletter that lets you know when they will be hosting a Lunchtime Chat with guest designers and Vogue Knitting staff who will be sharing their insights. Check out http://www.vogueknitting.com/ It really is worth the browse.