I've been having such a fun time preparing for the demo that we have for this weekend "SOCKS ON CIRCS" showing our customers the basics of knitting socks on circular needles.
What I enjoy about this type of work is that
a. I get to knit and work at the same time.
b. I get to knit and plan/think at the same time.
c. I get to write about knitting (while preparing the instruction sheet.)
Now for a person who enjoys knitting, planning and writing, I'd say that this is the perfect occupation for me.

The other reason that I enjoy these prep times is that I get a chance to learn new things. Well actually, I learn new things every day that I'm in the store. People think that we're so smart because we can answer their knitting questions, but it's only because we are the recipients of all of the discoveries and great ideas that our customers share with us that we are so "smart".

If you are a sock knitter, or just curious, please join us on Saturday, the 10th of November anytime between 1 and 4pm to have a chance to play with the "SOCKS ON CIRCS" and to bring home a copy of the step by step instructions for adapting your favourite sock pattern to working on circular needles.

Also a reminder that based on the results of our recent Customer Survey, and based on the level of anxiety that customers have shown at the prospect of being out of touch with our knitting 911 service, we will be open on Sundays from noon until 4pm at least until the end of January. We'll see if the demand is there to continue the practice in the spring.
(I thought that the picture at the right was kind of appropriate, being a former teacher and all...but unlike what it says on the blackboard, we aren't looking for help.)

You may want to make a point of dropping in to visit Jane on Sundays as I suspect that it won't be too busy for the first couple of weeks and therefore I'm leaving her lots of "tidy up" work to do, so she'll probably be thrilled if someone comes in to disturb her work to buy a ball of yarn or ask her for some knitting advice.