The dignity of knitters.

Tomorrow should be a fun day. I plan to join the Yarn Harlot and many of her fellow knitters at the Indigo book store in downtown Toronto to make a stand for the dignity of knitters. Stephanie herself (the Yarn Harlot) is a ridiculously successful writer with her books: At Knits End, Knitting Rules and most recently Casts Off. Many others in the world of knitting have achieved great notoriety (and success I might add) among our ranks, yet knitting is still considered almost a joke in the world beyond our crafting perimeter.
Here is my story: A couple of years ago, while walking back from seeing a play on Broadway (doesn't that just sound too cosmopolitan for words - but it's actually true.) I tripped and fell and hit my hand on the edge of an NYC sidewalk. When I was at the hospital (I waited until we got back to Canada the next day to have it seen to...otherwise, I might still be in their waiting room) and the nurse sent me to the plaster room after delivering the news that it was in fact broken, I gasped and said: "But I'm a professional knitter, I can't have a broken hand." She laughed- I was never sure if she thought that I was being funny at pretending that there was such a thing as a professional knitter, like a professional tiddlywink player, or if she just thought that it was funny that there was such a thing as someone who would actually rely on knitting for an income. The doctor and another nurse had the same response. I was shocked that they would laugh in the face of my real and professionally inconvenient misfortune.
I was consoled however that on the way out of the treatment area, I had to pass through the ER waiting room and it so happened that two of my customers were sitting there. When we saw each other, we smiled in recognition, then they saw my plastered hand and gasped: "Oh, it's the knitting lady. Your poor hand." They got it! They weren't laughing!
The world has to know that knitters have feelings too!
I hope to bring back lots of news and photos. (My husband gave me the 2 minute tour of our new digital camera this morning. Here's hoping.)
I have a busy weekend coming up. Upon returning from Toronto, we'll be hosting the SPRING 2007 SHOW & SHARE reception at the WOOL-TYME store on Gardiners Rd. All are welcome from 1-4pm. Please come, bring your knitting and your appetite and see what your fellow crafters have done (we have some tatting and weaving on display from our customers as well as a great array of knitting projects).
Then on Sunday I get to go the the Ontario Hook Craft Guild annual get together at Loyalist College in Belleville. Hooking is fast becoming one of my favourite things to do with yarn. It will be fun to see some things produced by artists who have been at it for longer than the 2 weeks that I've been practicing the craft.
Happy Knitting! Enjoy the sunshine.
Anne @ WOOL-TYME Kingston.