Let the games be prepared for...

I'm sure that most of you know of the tremendous knitting excitement generated by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's musings, just before the last winter Olympics, about how it would be fun to choose a knitting project to challenge oneself with, to complete during the events. Well, 2 years seems to be enough time for many in the knitting community to recover from that explosion of creativity, and many of us who didn't get in on the last wave of fun are up for it this time around. The link to the Ravelympics, registered on Ravelry is to be found at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/ravelympics-2008, where you can join Team Canada and be part of this extraordinary event of knitting prowess.

As for me and my store, the WOOL-TYME Kingston contribution to the Olympic watching effort will officially take place at Jakk Tuesday's (the sports bar next to the WOOL-TYME store, which has a 120" screen television in their back room) on each of the 2 Wednesdays of the Olympics -Aug. 13th and 20th from 5 to 8pm. I will be there eating natchos and knitting and will feel really silly if I'm the only one there -- so please come and join me to cheer on the beech volley ballers, or the wrestlers, or whoever happens to be on the screen while we're there.

Speaking of crafting and sports events, just one more week for anyone who wants to order their tickets to the Stitch n Pitch game in Toronto with the Blue Jays and Oakland A's on Aug. 5th. Just $20 for the game and goodies and lots of fun.