The wonder of magazines

I was telling the ladies at the Knitting Circle get-together last Tuesday that I had had such fun a couple of weeks ago, looking through the magazines at Chapters. I was shocked when I went to the cash and realized that I had racked up $40 in publications that we often flip through in a waiting room without paying too much attention.

For me however, this really is money well spent on hours of perusing. I love magazines. All magazines. I remember going through a copy of "PIZZA TODAY" magazine in a little diner in New York State while we were waiting for our lunch. Who knew such a publication could exist?

Anyway, this is one of the new knitting magazines that is making a name for itself. For years, we had the same 3 or 4 publications that each catered to their own group of knitters with very little overlap. With the advent of so many new, fashion conscious young knitters, there has been a turn to meeting their needs in some new magazines.
I love this edition of Knitscene. I probably wouldn't knit much from among their patterns, but they give me ideas, they show me how creative today's designers are (many of whom are Canadian, by the way.) They introduce me to new people in the fiber world, and new products and gadgets. Knitting magazines aren't just pattern books, just like cooking magazines aren't only cook books, or meditation magazines (see right for one of the interesting magazines I bought last week) aren't just how-to manuals. For the price of a few bucks, they let us see what other people find important and worth being passionate about.