Last few days on the Coast.

A few notes about the last couple of days on Vancouver Island, as internet time is very limited. (I can't believe that I'm actually here answering emails and working on the computer while standing in the train station in one of the most magnificent towns in North America - Jasper, that is).
One of the reasons that I wanted to go back to Vancouver Island was to try and discern the origin of our store mascot: this beautiful Cowichan sweater. I did locate it's store of origin (Sasquatch Trading Co. on Government St) and was even able to get a couple of likely possibilities of knitters, which is quite a feat considering that the people in the know in Duncan figure that it was knitted about 30-35 years ago. I'll be getting it back on display early in June and hope to keep researching from home based on the info that I got here.
This is Anita. She is by her own account a "fanatical knitter" andd is selling her beautiful socks as the Moss Street Market on most Saturdays. I had to get a picture of her with her LOOOONNNGGG double pointed needles. She explained that her family is Dutch and always knitted while supporting one needle under their arm. So obviously to do that with dpns, they too must be very long. The other lovely thing that I discovered when speaking with Anita is that she's originally from Napanee and will be visiting Kingston this summer. Hope to see her then.
The reason that we got to go to the Moss Street Market was that for the first time in my brother's very long history on Vancouver Island, the foot traffic tickets for the ferry to Saltspring Island were sold out when we arrived at the terminal on Saturday. Oh well, all the more reason to hope for a return visit in the near future.
This great little shop The Button and Needlework Boutique between Trounce Alley and Bastion Street caught my eye and imagine my suprise when I went in expecting a million buttons and nothing more, to be met by a wonderful selection of yarns and exquisite array of knitted sample garments. In speaking with the owner, he explained that they decided to take on the knitting world a couple of years ago to offer a broader selection to their needlework customers and to bring in a few more new customers. It's a great location, a lovely and friendly shop...and I love the button.
On Sunday morning, the day I was leaving, I took one last walk into the downtown area and was browsing around when I met this lovely lady. Victoria is full of interesting people of all ages who are "living the dream". This lady explained to me that she went shopping for a scooter for her friend who had been recently diagnosed with cancer. As she entered the store she saw this lovely pink scooter that was designed to support Breast Cancer Awareness. She never did tell me if her friend got a scooter but she said that she fell in love with this model, and despite the fact that she is able bodied, she bought it as a convenient and safe way to get around the city and carry groceries, etc. She then dressed it up with pink and black Skull and Crossbones and is quite a noted figure around town.
I love to be inspired by seniors who are thoroughly enjoying their life.