A weekend of "I'd love to have the time to..."

DH and I have just had a weekend that I've often dreamed of. I actually extended it to include Friday as I wasn't scheduled to work in the store, and Monday which is my usual day off anyway.

The only criteria for what we were to do this weekend was that at some time we had to have said something like: "Someday we've got to..." or "I heard about this place we should try some time..."

And here are some of the places we visited and things that we did on our staycation weekend:

- Supper at Fasoolio's on Gardiners Rd. Amazing!

- Found Schroeder's restaurant on HWY 62 in Prince Edward County that features wheat free baking (hooray) and great food in general.

- Visited the Cidery at Waupoos and fell in love with their Cabernet Franc wine as well as their premium cider. Unfortunately at $24.95 a bottle for the wine, we left it until a more memorable occasion and took home some of the cider.

- Were directed, by Janet at Wilton Fibre Mill, to Fifth Town Artisanal Cheese store, also in Waupoos where I discovered yet another reason to love sheep. Bonnie and Floyd, their award winning sheep cheese is absolutely fabulous: somewhere between a mild cheddar and the pungency of a hard goat cheese. I still can't figure out how it's possible to combine the characteristics of such different cheeses but I can only guess that sheep are all about comfort , even in the cheese that is made from their milk.

- Stopped off at Lake on the Mountain park where I believe this picture of the Glenora Ferry was taken, which we crossed on to head back to Kingston.

-Had a great Chinese supper at New Henry's on Montreal St, a restaurant that we have passed almost every day for the 16 years that we've lived in Kingston but never tried. The food was really great. "Henry" the chef, said that he'd been there for 39 years, open each day from 9am to 10pm but when it's not busy he closes at 8:30pm. His day off? He takes Christmas day and lets his kids cook for him. The decor (velvet flocked wall paper and wood panelling with an array of the healthiest plants I've ever seen) is probably original and immaculate, as if kept to museum standards: an authentic piece of the '70's.

-Went to Fort Fright at Fort Henry...how fun.
- Attended the Empty Bowls fundraiser for Martha's Table. That one is on my calendar to get tickets for next year.

As I reread this, it sounds like my Dad's recounting of any excursions that my parents have taken: "...Then we ate here...Then we picked up some bagels there... Cheesecake at this place..." But why not? It was so fun.

And just so you don't get the idea that we did nothing but eat all weekend, we watched a DVD of an African movie called "Beat the Drum", (beautiful but sad), and a golden not-so-oldie: "The Rain Maker", and a tear jerker "The Painted Veil". And to round things out with a bit of action and gunfire, we went to the Cineplex to see RED with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovitch and Helen Mirren. I loved it: The Geriatric A Team.

We also read and read and read, which for me included getting caught up on magazines and emails that I'd been wanting to go through more carefully. That's where I found this fabulous offer from Interweave Knits introducing their new line of ebooks. The one that I liked was : Knitting for Children. 8 terrific patterns from different Interweave publications including designs from Norah Gaughan, Ann Bud, with a felted frog purse, a sock pattern in any gauge to fit any kid's foot, a trio of earflap hats (shown here) and unspun roving mittens made of our lovely hand painted pencil roving.

I got to go through my latest of copy of A NEEDLE PULLING THREAD, the extraodinary Canadian needlecraft magazine that is now included for FREE to all members of the Canadian Guild of Knitters. I was delighted to find a lovely design by our good friend of WOOL-TYME Kingston: Sherri Bondy. Her Art Deco Cowl is beautifully classic, as all art deco designs are.

I also got to work a lot on my latest rug hooking design and really do love that art/craft as much as anything I've ever done.

All in all, it was a great weekend and it was a bit like having Thanksgiving all over again without the turkey, being grateful for the time and the company and the wonderful things that our area offers.