Traditional Rug Hookers UNITE and meet at WOOL-TYME Kingston

Just a quick little note to let the world know that we have decided to open our doors to traditional rug hookers in the Kingston area.
On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month (in May that will be the 13th and the 27th) we will be meeting at WOOL-TYME Kingston for some sharing and a bit of learning and showing.

This is my "Cat on Mat" pillow made from one of our new line of Hooked on Yarn rug hooking kits now available at the store.

Rug hooking is easy to learn and opens up a wide range of possibilities for fibre freaks who love to work with wool. Come and spend some time with us and check it out. I'm having a ball, and you all know what a die hard knitter I am.