VOGUE Knitting - Fall 2008

Okay, so I'm not a computer geek, but neither am I about to spend any more time trying to get a copy of the whole cover of this fall's Vogue Knitting to reproduce itself here. First I got the top half, then the bottom half, then the top again. So this is what you're stuck with.

So what I was going to say was that I was really pleasantly surprised at how lovely this edition of the magazine is. Often Vogue Knitting is just a bit too out there for many of us in Kingston, but this one really rang a lot of bells for me.

First of all, they featured a great (and long) article about one of my heroines...Elizabeth Zimmerman, which truly gets inside her way of looking at life and knitting. As I've been going through the months, featuring her projects in our store's newsletter from her Knitter's Almanac, I'm feeling like she's becoming part of my family, and this article served to enhance the experience.
“I deliberately keep my knitting notes vague, because tastes vary, and your brains are as good as mine anyway.” – The Opinionated Knitter - Elizabeth Zimmerman

Next there was a great introduction to RAVELRY (http://ravelry.com/) , knitting's on-line community and site where knit-a-holics can support each other and generally enable each other in their delightfully creative addiction. Having really been launched just 15 months ago, RAVELRY has over 60,000 active users writing 30,000 posts a day, and boasting 787,000 projects declared in progress or finished by these knitters, with 1.6 million photos of projects. Users range from 13 to 92 years of age with the average age being 37 years old.
Finally this edition of Vogue Knitting featured a huge 6 page profile on knitting in Canada with listings for no fewer than 45 designers/importers in Ontario alone (And they didn't even include the wonderful ladies at EweCanKnit for whom we've sold hundreds of patterns over the years). Who knew that we Canadians were so prolific and important in the knitting world...well actually I did know, because I'm surrounded by the works of these delightfully creative people every day in the store and am proud to be part of that world.