I remember when we were kids the Sears Christmas catalogue would come in the mail about the time of my brother's birthday, which was September 25th and it was so delightful to see the toys, the trees, the candy, the pictures of the (fake) snow when we had barely gone back to school.

I love it when we would go away with the kids for "spring" break with snow still to our knees, yet we could shop summer clothes in the stores.

Lately, I'm reminded of this slightly out of synch quality that delights us about the marketing world. That's what I am living now at the store. In early May many of our distributors in Toronto have open-houses to display what's coming up for fall. Then starting about now, the sales reps come around with their cases of samples that are set up for maximum drool effect.
But one of the great things about all this new "fall" stuff is that it will be actually coming to us relatively soon. In July there will be some new 6ply Jacquard (self patterning) sock yarn which is brand new for us. We've never carried this thicker sandal-sock weight of fancy sock yarn. It should be fun. Also in July, we're expecting new colours in some of our favourites: Country Style, Baby Snuggly, Super ball: YO YO. Early in August, there is an amazing selection of new yarns - both fancy and classic - from several suppliers to get us all revved up to get back into the knitting season. And I have new things coming regularly until October.

All of this selection can be a bit overwhelming but this year, I've decided that I will be vigilant, I will keep track of what is coming in, I will not order 3 versions of the same yarn from 3 different suppliers, I WILL BE ORGANIZED! Yeah, right.

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