"I am fearless"

Don't you love this logo. It is part of the new theme of Interweave Press's "Daily Knitting" email series. Today's post has a great, if mortifying story that we can relate to about stupid mistakes that come from over-confidence. Check it out http://www.knittingdaily.com/?ET=knittingdaily_blog:e967:27727a:&st=email

I think that "fearlessness" would be one of the main qualities that I try and share with students when they come to classes at the store. Sometimes I think that the new knitters think that I'm kidding or even patronizing them when I point out certain likely pitfall in their projects, and add that the reason that I point these out is that I myself have done it all... Every possible error in the book has flown through my fingers at some point in the past 40 years. ( Yes, that's right, I started knitting before I was born. Ha!!) But the truest and saddest fact is that I am living proof the "pride goes before the fall". About 90% of the knitting errors (and other types of errors, too) have come from being overconfident.
...like the time I cast on a beautiful mohair sweater that I was doing in the round while I was at the Drive-in movie and it wasn't until I was shaping the last shoulder that I realized that I had cast on an extra 25 stitches!
...like the time -- oh never mind. One doesn't need to humiliate oneself completely in public.

But talk about your fearless knitting! Don't you love this knitted motorcycle, and the fact that it's PINK. Link to more information at http://www.loopyyarns.wordpress.com/

And look at these great mittens! One of our customers made these mittens as a sculptural art assignment. They are 4 feet tall and are beautifully supported by stands that her husband contributed to the cause. The hands were knit on 20mm circular needles while the thumbs were knit on double pointed dowels.

The plaque bellow speaks of the artist's pleasure at being surrounded by knitted garments in her childhood and dedicates the piece to her mother who inspired her knitting.

She has generously offered to allow us to display the mittens when the art show is over at the end of the month. I'll post more details as they arrive.

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